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  • HAGBERG is one of the leading full-service management companies in Latvia, which also provides disinfection services for premises, territories and transport.

    As a merchant approved by the Health Inspectorate, we also provide a disinfection service for public premises. Disinfection is performed by HAGBERG employees, who have been trained and equipped for the task – certified disinfection specialists.

    Disinfection services can also be easily and conveniently ordered and paid for on the Mobilly application

    Disinfection services are performed throughout Latvia both on weekdays and weekends.

    Let’s take care of a safe environment around ourselves and others!

  • Like any other part of a house or apartment, windows also need proper cleaning and care. Cleaning the windows from the outside and inside can be a time-consuming task, turning out to be inefficient, and the reckless choice of cleaning methods can also irreversibly damage both the window frame and the glazed surface.

    More attention should be paid to the window cleaning process and the overall quality of the windows, and it is recommended to entrust this task to professional window cleaning specialists – HAGBERG cleans windows of apartment houses and also of private houses.