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In March 2022, we commenced the construction of the Dzilnupes rental housing complex, consisting of 6 residential buildings comprising 24 apartments. A second and third construction phase is planned for the near future, extending Dzilnupes with more apartment houses and improving the waterfront public space, which will be accessible only to residents.

The story of the village began 10 years ago, when it was intended for private houses, but was halted and neglected due to the economic crisis. We saw a unique potential in the project thanks to its excellent location, close to both nature and the capital city. Collectively, we have modernised the original idea to make the living spaces more spacious and energy efficient.

In the interests of sustainability and avoiding excessive energy consumption, we have installed heat pumps and are planning to install solar panels in the near future to reduce both the impact on the environment and the monthly payments of the occupants.

Working with architect Guntis Zinģis, we have successfully managed to modernise the existing project and transform it into a desirable and sought-after residential development in the Riga Region. To improve the comfort level of our residents, each apartment has a terrace, a personal green area, additional parking (two in total), and energy-efficient heating with heat pumps. Each apartment has a carefully designed layout, implemented with high quality and natural materials.

Visualisations: Guntis Ziņģis | GoodPattern