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In the period from July 2017 to November 2018, we carried out the construction of the HAGBERG office building "Ozolkalni B" in Mārupe district according to the project developed by the architect Guntis Ziņģis. The construction of the buildings was carried out, including the construction of the decorative facade, indoor repairs and the arrangement of engineering networks. The facility provides HAGBERG administration staff with a contemporary, useful, and welcoming work space.

Between an industrial sector and a birch grove, the office building is situated in a suburban setting. The office space is given life by the indoor plants, which contrast with the laconic hangar-like building's ability to blend into its surroundings. The structure meets all functional requirements for a contemporary office. It features variously sized conference and work rooms, a quiet room, a lounge area, and a kitchen with a terrace.

In October 2020, The Latvian Architecture Award was presented for the 25th time, which is the most prestigious award in Latvian architecture. The HAGBERG Office, created by architect Guntis Ziņģis, was also submitted for the award and was nominated as one of 9 finalists in the competition of 50 applications.

Ivars Lukaševičs, the owner of HAGBERG, declares: "The nomination for the award was a huge honor and an even greater joy, since the HAGBERG office was the only office building among the nominees.”

Photos: Madara Gritāne