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The HAGBERG Park project in Mārupe is in its early stages. The project is being developed by the architecture and design agency Goodpattern. The project comprises of 18 buildings, including rental housing, several office buildings and a technical building. Heat pumps combined with a fireplace and a heat recovery ventilator will heat the buildings. The area will be landscaped and provided with a communal park and pavilions, each with a specific function - for co-creation, dining, sports and recreation.

Parking spaces for people with reduced mobility and charging points for electric cars will be provided. There will be a central road divided into two parts, one for cyclists and skaters, the other for pedestrians, as well as a network of paths leading to the forest. 

The value of the projects is not only physical, but also aesthetic - the pavements and materials have been deliberately chosen in their natural, off-white shades to leave the colour to nature.

Visualisations: Guntis Ziņģis | GoodPattern